Fascia Repair & Replacement in Longmont, CO & Boulder Country


Horizontal fascia boards are used as the siding of your rafters and are what your gutter system is attached to on your house. Originally regular lumber was used, but because of constant attaching and repairing of gutters often resulted in the splitting of the wood. Fascia was later discovered and proved to be better for use with nails and drilling. Soon it was adopted as the go-to material for rafters.

Longmont Gutters offers a fantastic fascia repair and replacement service along with their other gutter services. A strong and sturdy fascia board is crucial to gutter system stability and effectiveness. Our gutter experts have expanded their knowledge in working with fascia boards and soffit so that they can encompass their skills around every aspect related to gutters. If your fascia has rotted or been damaged by large branches or animals, we can provide you with our fast fascia repair and replacement services. We offer or fascia repairs to everyone in the greater Colorado area and hope to satisfy you with our amazing gutter and fascia repair services.

Our gutter technicians are well-equipped with the proper tools to cut fascia board and repair your existing fascia with a matching paint coat. We promise your new fascia board will be sturdier than your previous fascia. Call Longmont Gutters today for your free estimate!

Fascia Board Installation ​​

If you are wanting to remodel your roof or home, we can offer you our great fascia installation services that are sure to provide you with a sturdy enough fascia boarding to last you for years to come. We hold pride in our capability to not only perform expert gutter installation but also extend our knowledge and skills to other relative services such as fascia board installation. Our gutter professionals are more than ready to tackle your broken or rotted fascia board and reinstall new fascia in its place.

As well, we also are proficient with measuring and cutting fascia board to match with new home plans. You can trust that we will install fascia professionally and properly so as to provide you with a stable post for your gutter systems that won’t degrade or fall apart for a good, long, time. If you are searching for the perfect fascia installers for your Colorado home, look no further. Longmont Gutters offers the industry’s finest fascia repair, replacement, and installation services, and we are sure to impress you with our craftsmanship.

Whether your fascia is rotting away and is in sore need of replacement or you simply need a touch up with some caulk or paint prior to installing your new seamless gutters, we’d love to hear from you! Feel free to call us anytime or just fill out the form on this page and we’ll get back to you ASAP! We look forward to hearing from you.